About - Around Cardiff

The vibrant city of Cardiff through an innovative and visually engaging interactive platform that no other website can offer. 

Our aerial 360° tour of Cardiff is one of the most engaging media of Cardiff available today. It allows online visitors to view and explore our city from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone in a way they have never done before – in 360° from the air.  When in the air users can explore further by clicking a participants tag which zooms down to their location and takes you inside that space or place. Then when you've finished exploring that place you can come back up above the city, click a helicopter icon and move to another part of the city and and explore further. 

Professionally photographed, totally immersive 360° environments to explore.


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We are a Google Street View Trusted  and will submitt your 360 imagery to Google on your behalf. We will also supply Pro DSLR Facebook ready files for you to upload directly to your Facebook timeline. For more details visit www.virtualperspectives.co.uk